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And the dating website have sent you a few emails enticing you back – time to give this one another go. After all, you’ve come to terms with the fact that the other person is probably as bored as you, and will thank you for giving them an excuse to leave.

Worse, is there something wrong with Turns out there is something wrong with meeting people in bars: it doesn’t work. Indifference You’ve been on enough bad dates to work out how to get out of them quickly, and you’ve stopped staying on bad dates just for the sake of it.

So you’ve got to the point in life where online dating is an option. You used to think online dating was for weirdos but everyone’s doing it! If they’re a terrible person, there’s only one thing to do – fall into a hole in the ground. Rejection Yes, all your friends say you’re good looking, intelligent and funny.

If you’re single, then you’ve probably had the ‘Hey, you should give online dating a go – my best friends met online and now they’re MARRIED! Surely this is just part of being an emotionally-mature, rational grown-up? Depending on which site you’re on (and if you’re on anything with ‘adult’ in the URL, then you’ve only got yourself to blame) you might have a few people who think it’s ok to send you nude photos. The last person who dumped you said they thought you were ‘great’. But you can’t win them all, and some of your messages might go unanswered, no matter how long you spent writing them.

If she hesitates, which is very likely because you're still essentially a stranger, then you need to reassure her by teasing her. HER: "Sorry, I don't give out my number." YOU: "It's okay, I'm already stalking a couple other women, so I don't have time for another one. C'mon, write it down, you goober." Make her feel a little silly that she doubts your integrity and character.

Asking a woman out on a date is the most intimidating question a guy can ask a woman. She'd probably be turned off or angry if I interrupted her. Oh, I know you have, because I used to do this to myself all the damn time.But you’re a sensible, street-wise, adult human being with common sense. And sometimes the reject-ee will get mad, whether you’ve met them or not. If you push her for an answer right away (which is how asking her out right then comes across to her) she'll probably say No - even if she's just not sure yet.

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You're forcing her hand rather than keeping her in the game.

Most women are NOT attracted to you immediately unless it's by your looks alone. A) A meal and/or movie date that shows no originality.