Updating mega database 2016 torrent

23-Jun-2017 06:15

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Now import my SQL file into your My SQL Server and add or replace it with the automatic created DB. Known Issue: Next steps I do on this project is to release a DB that contains every magnet link from the Open Bay DB and my DB without any duplications. p Rhn X_k Uq ZD-r QQc Eo TFKwhlw Ml OSAet Gj GCR-8bki Q And here the second Version of the SQL Database. Now everything should work perfect without doing anything on the DB. To do this first delete the automatic created torrents DB that click on my DB go to operations and move or copy it to DB_name.torrents. I got a lot of free time, so please would be you so kind to let me know how you do it? Manuel way: And now my idea for an automatic way: Make the HTTrack thing in the same C Program with the conversation from HTMP to CSV by using the HTTrack command lines arguments (https://After that I’ll maybe dump some other torrent DB or update this one. Please seed and distribute my project as much as you can to keep the internet as a place of liberty! Sorry wget, curl and other website tools won’t work. The kickass team made good work to protect his site.So you have to ignore the schema row in the import script.The following script may help: LOAD DATA INFILE 'Kickass_DB_Dump.csv' INTO TABLE ekoice.torrents FIELDS TERMINATED BY '|' OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '"' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n' IGNORE 1 LINES I've decided to upload a preconverted SQL file ASAP.: D That was other 7h hard work but now my DB is much easier to use.And I don’t work such a long time for a useless DB!We have updated our daily dumps to include: torrent_info_hash|torrent_name|torrent_category|torrent_info_url|torrent_download_url|size|category_id|files_count|seeders|leechers|upload_date Update will include these changes shortly.Please use our db api: https://kickass.to/api/ Thanks you very much for improving your full and daily dumps. I never thought that you’ll upload all this information’s for free. In addition, we can use hourly dump for updating our DB.

If your maximal script execute duration to unlimited ( because this will take over 30min.You probably have the best daily dumps of every torrent site. This will save us a lot of time and bandwidth and it’s much easier than our previous way. It’s much more resource efficient then the RSS way and also works on home PCs that aren’t 24/7 ON but you only have one update per hour but I think that’s more then enough.I will upload a SQL file in Openbay format of the latest full dump and a description, how to convert it by your own, soon.Sorry I'm more the C type and don't be very god with My SQL and php.

all i get is: #1366 - Incorrect integer value: 'size_bytes' for column 'size_bytes' at row 1 when executing: LOAD DATA INFILE 'Kickass_DB_Dump.csv' INTO TABLE ekoice.torrents FIELDS TERMINATED BY '|' OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '"' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n' OK, your problem is that your My SQL Server don't accept to import the schema row into the first row of your DB.

I will probably make such a program after uploading the all in one DB. Here an example of a Torrent link downloaded with the kickass api.

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