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He loved it, I loved it..we married into the Air Force in May of 2008 upon graduating college. I go where he goes and we go where the Air Force sends us. After living in Germany for 3 incredible years, we now find ourselves settling down to a new life by the sea in the Sunshine State! We feel so blessed to have each found our best friend and soul mate all wrapped up in the same perfect person, to have lived out our dreams of world travel and adventure, and to have such wonderful friends and family to share it all with. Although our lives together haven't always been sunshine and rainbows--no matter the weather, we get through it together. "It would be tragic if Ashley lost today, but if she did, If I, Liberty Van Zandt, am elected secretary, I would work closely with J. to ensure excellent standards of student government." — Liberty in Family Politics Libby, Libby Tibby, Lib, Rebel, Oatmeal (by J. T.'s future was short-lived, for he died when he was 17, leaving Liberty heartbroken. She was rivals with Mia Jones though she made amends with her. Underneath her ambitious exterior, she is really just a loving and empathetic person. She even flunked an exam worth 30% of her grade, much to her father's displeasure. Sadly, he was stabbed by Drake Lempkey a former Lakehurst student, and Liberty was the one who found him dying. During the funeral she showed no remorse, until the memorial where she cried dramatically after finding out J. She also refused to have Mia participate in anything honoring J. Her and Mia had a argument about that and she called Liberty a walking and talking robot, however, after Toby revealed to Mia that J. still loved Liberty, she had a change of heart and agreed to let Mia do what she wanted. T's death, she dreamt of him lying on her bed with her, before telling him that he was dead. All of them went against the Spirit Squad and their beliefs. Towards the end of her senior year, she was and Damian were competing for valedictorian and she was upset about that.There are many more, let's just say, complicated, parts to our story right about shorten it a little, D finally got up the nerve to ask me to be his girlfriend at 4pm on January 19, 2001 over the wonderful technology known as AIM. Proms, Military Balls (D was in JROTC all through high school), countless dates, and college. We've never lived more than 5 minutes apart throughout our entire relationship, so why should college be any different?We attended the same university, lived in the same dorm Freshman year (co-ed dorm, on different floors), and moved to the same apartment complex with our respective roommates for Sophomore and Junior year.I had been expecting a ring...really, everyone had been expecting it.After 6 years together, never wavering, we knew we were going to be together forever.He had been doing these god-awful King Kong impressions a little too loudly for his buddies in the back of the room and got himself moved to the front, beside me, because I apparently was quiet and responsible. We spent hours on the phone with one another every night and into the early morning.

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She found Liberty crying in the bathroom and gave her advice on how to do better. No matter what he did, Liberty refused to give up her pursuit of J. He even pretended to be gay so Liberty would stop bugging him. had Pringles cans of the two needed symbols, he had two of the same ones, thus losing the contest. Liberty's eighth grade year was nowhere near as hectic as her previous year. if he could make them a skirt too, so Toby laid off. had his heart set on asking Paige, he reluctantly agreed to go with Liberty. For one thing, he's had a crush on Manny since the beginning of the school year but the main reason why J. still didn't go out with Liberty was because he simply didn't like her. and developed a new one on Sean, when she and the latter were paired up for a school project. Liberty's disposition was the polar-opposite of her usual perkiness. When Liberty revealed she was pregnant to him, he crashed into a bus stop on the way to school. They were trying to keep this a secret, but once Danny found he blackmailed them into getting a good grade. They forgive her after she gives her valedictorian speech about the importance of friendship and decide that Liberty's mistake won't let them ruin there big day.New school and a cool middle school image to uphold. It wasn't until 8th grade, while grading papers for my algebra teacher during lunch (teachers pet, I know), I looked out the window and saw D walking with his buddies back from lunch. Cut to 9th grade and the start of our Economics, Legal, and Political course with Mrs. I walked in that Monday morning to find D sitting in the corner of the room. We actually didn't start sitting together out of our own free will. I am positive this time in our lives contributed to both of our lack of knowledge regarding all things legal and political..that's just fine with me.

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