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Additionally, hornworms are novel organisms that students are usually unfamiliar with, leading to a heightened interest in the critters.Let's take a closer look at the life cycle of the intriguing tobacco hornworm.Lower temperatures may extend the development time to 39 to 48 days.For observers, the difference between butterflies and tobacco hornworms comes from the visual appeal and substantial growth of the hornworm during the larval stage, and from its strange, fascinating pupal stage.However, if you are hatching tobacco hornworm eggs in your classroom, Carolina recommends hatching them in an 8-oz cup containing artificial diet (item #143908 or item #143905).The reason for this is that once hornworms eat plants, they will rarely switch to artificial food sources.By the end of the fifth instar, they can measure up to 70 mm in length.

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In the first instar, larvae are usually about 7 mm long.

Transfer 1 larva into each clean vial or bottle and add an inert material, such as sawdust, shredded paper, or potting soil, to loosely cover the caterpillar.