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20-Oct-2017 06:15

And so it wasn’t just me, there was many people that worked in the creation of some of the more modern offerings that the PMI now has, so yes, we decided to see if we could go change them as opposed to work away from them or just ignore them.

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So it was really the confluence of companies trying to overcome the limitations of RAD along with some new ideas really just prompted this collection of companies to get together and collaborate, much like how the Agile Manifesto came to be. So, DSDM is still in use, around the place and I believe there is an open version of that out there now.

I think it’s probably organizational acceptance, so if your company is following Prince2 guidance or you are doing work for clients that are Prince2 in their project management, then you probably go that way, whereas if you are a more of a PMI shop then you go that way.